Welcome to Dundee

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 2011 International Conference on Rehabilitation and Participation in Long-Term Conditions: Building Bridges between Researchers, Practitioners and Service Users in Dundee. The conference is jointly organised between the Social Dimensions of Health Institute (SDHI) of the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews, the NHS Tayside, the School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Dundee and the Alliance for Self Care Research (ASCR).
The conference will provide a multi-disciplinary forum for researchers, rehabilitation practitioners, and people with long-term conditions to share their views, expertise and work. It will bring together service users, academics and clinicians and other practitioners to debate the extent and form in which rehabilitation practices can support and enhance social participation.
Participation is understood in terms of the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and includes issues related to mobility, communication, self care, domestic life, leisure activities, interpersonal interactions and relationships, major life areas including community and civic life.
The conference aims to connect theory, practice and experiences relating to rehabilitation and social participation and to bring together professionals from multiple disciplines to share how this is being done.
We would like to acknowledge the contributions of everyone who thanks to their individual and collective involvement contribute to advances in rehabilitation and equitable social and societal participation.

The conference will be a forum to explore how participation is understood and how meaningful assessments can be undertaken.

It will examine the personal and environmental barriers and facilitators of participation, and diverse topics ranging from physical activity to vocational rehabilitation. We are pleased that several workshops will be offered as part of the conference: On evidence-synthesis, inclusive neurorehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation and physical activity.

Different experiences and perspectives from practice, research and living with a disability will be shared at the conference.

We hope that the conference will provide many opportunities to learn from one another, to exchange knowledge and expertise, to develop new professional links and innovative ideas in the area of rehabilitation and participation.

On behalf of the organising consortium we wish you enjoyable days in Dundee, Scotland.

Thilo Kroll
Acting Director of the Social Dimensions of Health Institute of the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews

Fred Comerford
Social Dimensions of Health Institute of the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews

Institute Manager,

Jacqui Morris
Research Lead, Allied Health Professions, NHS Tayside


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