How do we make participation happen?

Have your say. Please continue the dialogue we started at the conference. What are the key ingredients to facilitate participation? What is the role of professionals? Can it be measured? If so, how? What are the different forms of participation? Happy blogging!


Perspectives on participation

“We need to create opportunities”
“Participation is broad…we need to go into the community to understand participation”
“Supporting participation has to go beyond the health service focus”
“We have to help people to become participatory”
“Building capacity for all aspects of life”
“Accessibility, accommodation are features of participation that are obvious. We need to be clear about the goal. We need to be clear what participation is. We glob on concepts such as social capital, community integration etc and pretend that we know what we are talking about”
“the individual only exists as part of the community and the community exists because of individuals; everything is interwoven”
“Maybe it does not matter whether participation is an endpoint or outcome”
“but as scientists we want to measure how we are doing…this is our trajectory. We have to be clear about our outcomes. This is where challenge comes in. We are talking about the human condition as an outcome. It is what we are. Resisting clarity.”
“the differrent beliefs and cultures of health care systems make it difficult to measure.”
“maybe we don’t have to work too hard to manufacture conditions”
“you always participate but how…”
“professionals create ceilings. Instead it is important to give people confidence to grow”
“should we as professionals participate in the individual patient’s life. We need to give back control and reframe support, so that people can use us”
“the one concept that was missing is responsibility. It is an element of dignity.”
“it is a question of good vs bad participation but who says what is what?”
“rehabilitation to support participation is a developmental concept, not restorative, it is forward focused”
“professionals as facilitators…some of the professions are still paternalistic…it requires a philosophical shift…to be creative and not only limit the professional involvement onto the biomedical or functional level.”
“acknowledge reciprocity…that people who are on the receiving end of rehabilitation also give. Need to give greater recognition that this is a two-way process.”
“connections between people, processes and practice are essential to promote participation”
“there is a range of freedom and motivation to engage…”

Participation necessitates dynamic social and physical environments that adapt to the variable and temporal nature of requirements, intentions, preferences, and actions and transactions between human beings.


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