Planning new events

The conference has led to many productive ideas and discussions. We would like to invite you to help us plan follow on events. Please share your views and thoughts with us. Symposia, half day and day events or another 2 day conference. Either post your views as comments on our blog or send us an email.


One thought on “Planning new events

  1. The two day conference format was a good opportunity to really acquaint ourselves with the bigger picture and I would like to see future conference along these lines, although perhaps annually is too frequently? I also liked the scale of the conference – there were enough people to be interesting but a small enough group to meet just about everyone over the two days.

    I think there is scope for a range of events of various durations but I would most like to see short (say two hour) events occurring either as a breakfast or a late afternoon meeting. These do not take anyone away from an entire day’s work but provide opportunities for both focussed discussion of areas of professional mutual interest and an opportunity to network around them for those who wish to do so. Those style of events could be regional events that get reported/shared through this site perhaps.

    These would also be an opportunity to invite strategic managers who develop policies within the sector to attend and hear about the various work we all do first hand?

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